Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not a gardening weekend

Last Friday night a cold front moved in, bringing over an inch and half of rain.  By Saturday morning everything was a mess and the temperatures were in the low 50, not the best time to garden.  The rain was a welcome sight, we are in the middle of our dry season, and the rain barrels were empty.
These are the blooms around the garden this week.

Today was a perfect day for an art show, and my family and I attended the 50th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival (Did not buy any art)
 Not in my house 


kevin ross said...

Blog contains many variety and difference between the photos. But sometimes the variety is also good. The third photo is very nice in terms of flowers. And the funny comments uploaded by you is very different and funny.

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Susan said...

Wasn't the rain a welcome relief. First we've had all winter. Your blooms are lovely. Wish I could leave my orchids out during a cool front. :)