Saturday, February 02, 2013

Is time for a Shooting Star

In our 10b zone, blooming trees are common year around, and in February is the Shooting Star turn.  The Shooting Star or Starburst tree as is more commonly known around here is not native of these parts, some say it comes from the Philippines but no one knows for sure.  Today these trees are found everywhere in South Florida; they have become a favorite of gardeners, the tree grows fast and it’s unquestionably a beautiful tree even when is not blooming.  The only negative is the nuisance of the many suckers it produces.
 The Kalanchoe plants were on sale in my local Home Depot, and I could not resist bringing these three home. Every year I replant them after they are done blooming, but I’m never able to get flowers like this again. The plants grow back healthy but the new flowers are a disappointment.

 Does anyone know the name of the purple plant with round white flowers in this picture?
I found this small cactus full of blooms this morning in the back of my garden.  I totally forgot it was there.   
I would like to end by saying GO RAVENS, we are hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday, and the garden is ready.


Bernie H said...

The Shooting Star looks magnificent covered in those lovely flowers.

Like you, I can never get Kalanchoe blossfeldianas to bloom as brilliantly as they do when they come home from the nursery. I wonder what the nurserymen do to get the display?

That purple plant with the white flowerheads looks a lot like Alternanthera to me. It could be Alternanthera dentata.

Love your Cactus bloom.

crybrug said...

The tree is lovely you are luck to have it. We don't have any space for more trees.

sharon said...

7 ILombe
I have the shooting star but it is a bush..and the flowers not that thick...Im afraid minw e will freeze although we had no frost this year yet...

Karah B said...

I love Shooting Star plants! They are unbelievable when they are in bloom. I used to have two of them when I owed a home in Naples. I used to look forward to the later part of winter when they were in bloom. For such a beautiful plant, I don't see many of them in Naples. It's too bad because they really are lovely.

Susan said...

Your tree is GORGEOUS. Too cold to have any of those here in the center of the state.

Tom said...

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