Sunday, January 27, 2013

Repotting my orchids

This weekend was a chamber of commerce weekend in Miami, the weather was fantastic. The temperature was in the mid-seventies during the day, and sunny with a nice breeze blowing from the ocean.  This is the reason we love South Florida in the winter and why we put up with our summers.
It was a perfect weekend for gardening, but with weather like this who wants to stay home gardening? My family and I took full advantage of some of the activities going on in the area. Yesterday was the Chocolate Festival at Fairchild gardens; today we visited a U-pick farm and collected fresh vegetables, and tonight we are going out to dinner with friends to dine al fresco.
I could not let the weekend passed by without doing a bit of gardening. My collection of orchids was in desperate need of some attention.  I fertilized and repotted the entire collection; hopefully is not too late for more winter blooms.

This picture was taken with my I-Phone, my Nikon 3100 camera is not working, I have no idea what’s wrong.  I think I have to buy a new battery.


Kimberly said...

Yes, the weather has been amazing! Glad you got out and enjoyed. Kudos to your orchid replanting project. Many of mine need it, but I can't find the motivation to actually do it. They don't seem to mind - they just don't look very tidy.

Hope you get your camera repaired!

ChrisC said...

I did that with some of my orchids,last year.I don't think they liked being split up.They didn't bloom as well this year. Hopefully,next year.

Susan said...

I need to repot my orchids soooo bad. I've been procrastinating but now that we're getting closer to putting them back out in the yard I need to get to work. Love your header pretty.