Sunday, June 16, 2013

My new Zen garden

I always wanted a Buddha in my garden; this beautiful statue was one of my father’s day gifts.
   This is a perfect place to do some meditation after a long day at work.

Happy Father’s Day


Mystic Dreamer said...

Beautiful and serene.

Susan said...

My Buddha in the garden reminds me to slow down and be still. Love your zen space.

Samantha said...

You surely can meditate in that area where you can definitely find peace..

Terry Holt said...

That was a nice gift, indeed! But if you want your garden to look more Zen-inspired, you can try adding smooth stones and pebbles in your landscape, as well as wooden arches. Other people also install small lagoons for their Koi. The overall design will definitely add serenity in your garden. Thanks for sharing!

Terry Holt @ LandTech Landscaping