Sunday, June 09, 2013

Summer Blooms

Summer is here, and along with the rain, heat, humidity and mosquitos, the garden is blessed with new blooms.  Today I took my Nikon camera out for an early morning photo-shoot.  

The Gardenia is in bloom and the aroma in this corner of the garden
is magnificent.

 Bromeliads love the summer heat, this is the time for blooms.

 White Plumeria
This little guy is from the prayer plant family, every year around
this time they pop-up all over the garden.
 Mexican Petunias

 Cacti also love the heat of the summer to set blooms.  This flower
lasted all of 12 hours.
Yesterday I jointed my wife and daughter for a garage sale excursion.  I’m always looking for anything I can use in the garden at bargain prices.  The Aqua Globes were a bargain at $5 for all three, the book “Small Container Gardening” $2 (I can’t pass a good gardening book) and the antique horn for $10 was the find of the day.  

In Miami, this time of the year outside gardening is limited.  The harsh summer weather limits our time to early morning or late afternoon.  That’s a shame because the extra rain gives the garden a lush and welcoming look.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful flowers . . . but OH MY GOODNESS - I love the antique horn!

Susan said...

All your plants look very happy in your garden. You definitely found some nice items. Now, do tell us . . . what are you going to do with the horn. Is it for inside the house or in the garden?

Samantha said...

I just love your Bromeliads they are indeed growing great.. An interesting information about it is that it tends to be epiphytes. These are sometimes called “air plants” because they do not take root in the ground. They grow on top of rocks or other plants and derive all the moisture they need from their exposed roots.