Sunday, August 18, 2013

I’m back

I posted on this blog on June 30 that I was going to be away from the garden during the months of July and August.  This weekend I decided that I been away long enough, I can’t stand my garden looking like an abandon ruin.   As you all know, I was away vacationing on Sanibel Island for two weeks, and during that time the place was on its own.  I have automatic sprinklers throughout the garden, but that was not sufficient to keep the plant casualty count low.  It turned out that we didn’t have much rain during those two weeks, and it affected many of my potted plants, but it didn’t put a dent on the aggressive growing vines or the weeds.
Yesterday I decided to tackle the front garden, three full garbage tanks of weeds and cuttings later and four hours of work, and I remembered why I was giving the garden a rest during July and August.    
What's blooming in the garden during the month of August
 Powderpuff Tree
 Bees love these flowers
 The native Orange Geiger Tree
  Summer Bromeliad blooms
 Wild white orchids
Finally these terracotta pots were the find of the year for me, a neighbor was having a garage sale and sold me all four pieces for $25
PS – Technically I kept my word not to visit any garden center during my absent from gardening, garage sales don’t count. (I know there are two weeks left in the month of August)


Mystic Dreamer said...

Those terracotta pots are a nice find.

ChrisC said...

I love getting away during the heat of August,but coming back to the garden makes one pay for all the fun of getting away.I'm still paying catch up.Love the terra cotta pots you got.Great find!