Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Big Year in Sanibel

I rented a movie this week “The Big Year” with Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson and I loved it.  This movie is smart, funny with a touch of an environmental message and if you are a bird watcher this is the movie for you.  I recommend it.
After watching the movie I decided to start my own big year by counting the birds of Sanibel (More like the big week) Unfortunate I picked the wrong week.  The Army Corps of Engineers in their ultimate wisdom decided that Lake Okeechobee, situated in the middle of the state is over flowing, and to relive the pressure on the levies, large amounts of fresh water is been release into the gulf.  These levies are old and in need of replacement, but like everything that involves the Federal government there are no funds available. 
The effect of so much fresh water in the Gulf of Mexico has been devastating on salt water fish and it has cause birds that depend on the fish to move on. 
Brown Pelican

 White Ibis
 Snowy Egret

Royal Tern
 Ruddy Turnstone
 Looks like a Night Heron
 Wilson Plover

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