Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas from the DragonFly Garden

For the last six weeks the DragonFly garden blog has been a little quite due to the flare up of an old knee injury.  Is a little difficult gardening wearing a knee immobilizer, finally this week I was able to take it off and the knee feels much better.
I had no trouble using my camera

The Brunfelsia tree is full of flowers this time of the year, the three shades of purple in these flowers make the tree look like a Christmas tree.

The Solandra tree (Cup of gold flower) bloomed for the first time this year.  My tree grew from a cutting I got from a neighbor, and he got his tree from a cutting he smuggled on a visit to the Canary Islands.  The Solandra plants are native of Central America, and how they got to the Canary Islands.  Maybe someone smuggled a cutting from Central America.    

 The Azaleas are blooming early this year,
Miniature Bougainvillea flower

May the spirit of Christmas bring you and your families’ peace, love and happiness.  


LostRoses said...

Really lovely, Rusty, glad your knee is better and have a Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Hart said...

Love the history behind your Solandra tree, which I think is just beautiful (as is all your blooms in this post).

Take care of that knee ~


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Beautiful blooms. Glad your knee is much better.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2014.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog!! I think I remember someone asking the name of the purple leaf plant with tiny white flowers, and if I remember right, you weren't sure of the name (or else maybe I just dreamed that somebody asked. I can have crazy dreams about plants). Well, after searching for several days I finally discovered the name. It is Alternanthera brasiliana, or Alternanthera amoena, the common name is 'Joy Weed' . Such a beautiful plant. It looks like it's surrounded by Baby's Breath when it's in bloom. You have a wonderful garden. FLTropicat (Renee)