Sunday, December 01, 2013

Winter vegetable garden is in.

My winter vegetable garden is planted and already producing.  This year I’m emphasizing mix salad greens and herbs, previous experience taught me that mix greens do better in a low sun area. Located in a strip of land between my house and my neighbor, the location of my vegetable garden is not ideal but it is the only place I have available.  During the winter season when the sun is low in the southern sky, this area of the garden gets only a couple of hours of sun in the early morning. 
This year I planted, tomatoes, radicchio, broccoli, eggplant, Swiss chard, spinach, peppers, cucumbers, mesclun mix and romaine lettuce.  So far a few of these plants are doing well, others not so (the tomatoes as always are starting poorly)
This year we had an unusually wet early winter, I’m hoping that as the dry season takes over and the only water the garden gets comes from my watering can things will get better.



Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

Looking good!

Elizabeth Hart said...

I love how pristine your gardens always look!

Anthony Garden said...

Hello, in our winter. I miss the green, au you so beautiful :) Greetings Monika

Mayfair Escorts said...

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Mitchell Knapp said...

Your garden looks pretty. And more than that, it’s actually producing a fresh mix of salad greens and herbs you would later include in your dishes. It’s really practical to grow your own vegetable garden; not only it will add to the curb appeal of your backyard, it would also help you have a healthy diet. Too bad not everyone has a green thumb like yours. Have a nice day!

Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

Bethel Woodard said...

Your garden can certainly be called a sanctuary. Not only is its beauty ethereal, it’s also filled with plants that can sustain you for a long time. It's amazing to see how adept you are in gardening. You could practically grow any seedling that was handed to you. Here’s to more years of having a aesthetically and functionally amazing backyard!

Bethel Woodard @ Sollecito