Sunday, March 16, 2014

The winds of March

The winds of March came blowing through my garden this weekend, and my yellow Cassia tree came down.  My favor flowering tree in the garden, I hope it recovers.

 The Cassia in full bloom last Fall

 The Cassia tree was not the only casualty, the old yellow bench was too weak for the strong winds.  I had to make some changes in the back garden, the windmill replaced the bench and I replanted a mango tree where the windmill was.    

I planted this mango tree in a pot last year and it didn't do well. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I hope your cassia comes back for you too.

That was some strong winds we had yesterday.

Rain has been predicted, but so far 'nothing'.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Meems said...

I've seen so many Cassia trees blow over with strong winds. I hope you were able to upright it and it comes back to life for you. Your garden is looking wonderful.

Nathyness said...

I planted a mango tree from my grandfather's tree about 5 years ago. I never tended to it like I should have and I still feel so guilty about it. My grandpa had reserved that mango for me to plant its seed, since it had been the biggest and prettiest that season. It was one of the last seasons he was able to care for the tree like he wanted to. This Saturday will mark 6 months since he died-- half a year. Mango season will be so bittersweet for me this year.