Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weeding, Pandora radio and couple of beers

Not a bad way to spend a morning in the garden.  Today I took on the garden by the front door, this is the first impression new visitors to my garden get and it needed a touch-up.  After doing some heavy weeding, thinning out the ground orchids and moving a few containers around, it looked like new.   

Spring arrived to the land of eternal summer (The Plumeria tree is in bloom)

I am planning a big project for this corner of the garden.  Today I was supposed to start pulling out this giant bromeliad, but I ran out of gas before I could get to it. (May be I’ll hire someone to do it)

This Neoregelia is one the newest bromeliad in my collection, full sun and water in the cup is all they need. (That’s why I love these plants)

Bad news to report, I dropped my Nikon 3100 camera and broke the LCD display.  Is going to cost me over $200 to fix it, I will without my camera for two to three weeks.  All these pictures were taken with my point and shoot camera.  


ChrisC said...

The camera thing sucks.I would die without my good camera.Love all the work you've done.It's that time of year,isn't it?

Sunita Mohan said...

The bougainvilleas, the spathaglttis orchids, bromeliads ... we have so many of the same plants in our gardens!