Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let the sunshine in

The last few weeks have been busy at the DragonFly garden.  I was trying to get all my spring pruning duties in, before the hot summer weather appears and gardening becomes a part time task only done in the early morning and at dusk. I think this year I went a little crazy with all the trimming, but some corners of the garden were looking a little wild. (I have a reputation for been a neat freak)
It all started with the Cassia tree that was knocked down by the wind a month ago.   I also pruned hard the Brunfelsia tree, the Starburst tree, the Fire Dragon bush, and for the first time the Mexican Flame vine.  The bougainvillea by the front gate is history, and so is the Aechmea Blanchetiana bromeliad in the front of the house. (More on some of the new changes in the front garden on my next posts)  The garden looks a little bare and the sunshine is coming through, but this is Florida and it will grow back in no time at all.

Fire Dragon bush before

Mexican Flame vine before

 After, I hope it grows back, fingers crossed

 There was a bougainvillea on top this gate (Gone)

This bromeliad in the front of the house, history, more on my next post.

The Brunfelsia tree is already coming back

Starburst tree
The Cassia tree one month later

Pictures from the garden this morning

Disclaimer:  No birds nest were harmed in the makeover of this garden

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