Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gardening for wildlife in the city

Over the years my gardening style has evolve several times; lately I find that I garden with wildlife in mind.  I get as much joy from seen the different type of wildlife visiting my garden, that I do from the plants and the flowers. 
The greedy city developers have made our neighborhood deserts for wildlife.  I believe is up to those of us with small city gardens to make them wildlife friendly.   In my garden I make sure that there is plenty of water available, full birdfeeders, plenty of hiding places for birds and reptiles, bees and butterflies friendly plants, and the most important ingredient a pesticide and chemical free garden.

This is wildest corner of my garden, the 4 by 6 foot area of the garden is anchor by an old hallow coconut tree trunk.  This part of the garden is home to a garden snake, an opossum mom made the tree trunk home and many frogs and lizards.

Unintended consequences, the air plant on this palm has over the years been home to many bird’s nest.  It also has become home of many of my bromeliads and orchids collection.

Happy Labor Day 

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Meta Chalker said...

It is all very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your garden.