Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall is in the air.

Finally this weekend fall arrived in South Florida, and with it came, cooler temperatures, low humidity and the beginning of the dry season.  Yesterday I headed to the garden, Fairchild Tropical Garden that is, ready to take some pictures, do some bird watching and exercise.

I arrived at the garden at opening time (7:30 am) with my camera and tripod in hand; the perfect early morning light waits for no one.  There were no special events at the garden, so I had the place all to myself.

The garden is getting ready for Halloween festivities; the statue is of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, the famous environmentalist and author of the River of Grass book about the Everglades.

The spider is not a Halloween prop, but one of many real spiders throughout the garden.

This cat bird was very gracious, and let me take his picture.

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Susan said...

Beautiful pics! How nice to have Fairchild to yourself on a beautiful morning. Lucky guy!