Saturday, October 04, 2014

Not a fan Palm trees

I never been a fan of Palm trees,  when I moved to my house 30 years ago, the house came with 10 Queen palms, today I am down to three.  These trees are mature and too high to maintain, the fruits drop to the ground and all become pops, the dead leaves are not very attractive.

As far as I'm concerned these trees are grandfather in, so I'll keep on complaining.

This is the second Dragonfruit of the season.  I get many flowers but few fruits, it all depends on a night moth to pollinate the flowers.  Lately they don't seem to be around at the right time.

Vegetable garden update.  I'm waiting for South Florida fall weather, so far this season we are getting a lot rain and the summer heat continues.

In the garden this week: The Mexica Flame is blooming.

After four hours of hard labor today, pulling palm pops (they don't come out easy) and cleaning up, this is what this corner of the garden looks like.

PS. This post is done with my IPad 

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