Thursday, December 04, 2014

Flowering mango trees in December??

I could not believe my eyes, my mango tree with flowers in December.  Mango trees around here usually start flowering in February, but this year they are a little too early.  I hope we don’t get a cold night with temperature below freezing.

This week I rearranged my succulent collection, the wet summer and fall weather killed many of my plants.

My vegetable garden is coming along; I’m already harvesting greens for my salads.

Cuban cilantro is much stronger than the regular store kind 

My new garden obsession is hibiscus in containers.  So far I have five plants, and I hope to add more.  These flowers are a must in a tropical garden.


Stellamarina said...

Interesting to see your Cuban Cilantro. I am sure I saw a similar plant being used in Thailand.

Susan said...

Very pretty flower on your mango. I can understand how you can become obsessed with hibiscus.There are so many beautiful colors. I saw a new dark red colored one in the store the other day...very different and pretty. Lucky for you they probably don't freeze down your way.