Sunday, March 22, 2015

A little color never hurts

There is a little more color in my back garden these days.  For the last couple of weeks I worked on a new trellis and did some painting. 
 The creeper has a new home and the outdoor umbrella was replaced.

I always wanted a weathervane in my back garden  One night I shopped on line and ended up with more than I a weathervane. I got this great looking butterfly house and a bird house (in route)

I did some internet research on butterfly houses, and found out that they don’t work.  The few butterflies’ species that use houses to hibernate are not found in South Florida.  Oh well at least baby lizards will have a good hiding place.

 Blooms this week at the Dragonfly Garden

Flowers in my new lemon tree, yea!!!

It is yellow tap tree season in South Florida.  My tree has more color than previous years and is not done yet.  These trees are making my commute to and from work more pleasant.

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Susan said...

Your gardens looks beautiful! Love the bright colors you're adding. They seem to be very popular these days.