Saturday, April 04, 2015

The annual Easter garden party

The Easter holiday is our turn to host our family and friends for an outdoor Easter party in the garden.  Last year we had over forty guests, this year we expect to top that number.  I have been a busy gardener getting the place ready for the event.   

This week at the DragonFly garden.

I decided the clean up this palm tree, it turned out to be harder than I expected. (I will never let anything climb up the trunk of any my trees)

My Mexican flame vine is in full bloom.

The mangos are almost ready 

This week I had two painted bunting visit the garden.  This is a rare event for my garden, these birds winter in southern Florida, but cities are not their habitat.  The picture was taken from inside my house.



Susan said...

Rusty, Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea of an Easter garden party. That is wonderful! Is that a Painted bunting on your feeder? Wow, how lucky are you!

Anonymous said...

An Easter Garden party and a visit from Painting Buntings? Wow! Proves the beauty of your garden. :-)