Sunday, April 26, 2015

Butterfly drinking water fountain.

By putting a few small rocks in a birdbath, I created a water fountain for butterflies, bees and other insects.  I didn't know that certain species of butterflies sip water from damp areas, the rocks prevent the butterflies from falling in and drowning.  I got this tip from a butterfly expert at the Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT last week.

This week at the DragonFly Garden

The summer heat arrived this weekend, 91 degrees on Saturday and 95 today (a record).
The vegetable garden is done for the season; I pulled out my tomatoes plants and most of my lettuce. The only plants that will do well during the summer months, in this sun drenched corner of the garden are bromeliads.

This is what arugula looks like after two days of temperatures in the 90’s

Lots of white flowers in the garden this week, the gardenia bush is in bloom.  The two white bougainvillea plants are blooming for the third time this year.  

Well that’s it from the heat and humidity of South Florida.  As our summer winter approaches, my gardening activities will be limited two a couple of hours in the early morning. See you soon.

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Susan said...

We still have reasonable temps up this way and are expecting a cool front this week with morning temps around 61. That will help keep summer at bay for a little longer. I can smell your gardenias - they are beautiful! Unless you like okra (and I don't) summer vegetable gardening is pretty non-existent here, too. I do plant peanuts and one of these days will add sweet potatoes to the mix.