Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Zebras are back.

The Firebush has become the hub or Grand Central station of my garden.  This morning I counted five Longwind Zebras and three Julia butterflies, plus hundreds of bees, all flying around the tree (what a site).  You can hear the buzzing from far away.  

I love all butterflies, but Zebras are my favorite and they love the firebush tree. I recommend this plant to anyone that wants to create a butterfly garden in south Florida.

This week at the DragonFly Garden.

Today on the agenda, I was planning to trim back my powderpuff tree in the front garden and give it a more round shape.  This morning while I was having my coffee and before starting my gardening work, I was reading my twitter account, and a tweet from a birder in England caught my eye.  He was asking gardener not trim their trees during nesting season.  Good advice, so I decided to check my powderpuff tree and what do you know, up high and out of sight I found a nest from a Mockingbird.  For now this job is on hold until the family moves out.

This planter box is in a sunny area.  Nothing I plant there survives and the planter is too heavy to move.   Today I collected all the snake plants (Sansevieria cylindrical) from the garden and relocated them there. Snake plants are succulents from Africa; they thrive in sunny and dry areas of the garden.

The garden is not only about plants.  I could not resist buying this wind spinner at Costco.

Is he saying hi or challenging me to duel???

The blooms of the week. 



Susan said...

Your firebush is so large. Mine is just s baby and I'm hoping it will grow fast. Glad you checked the powderpuff for nests. It's always neat to find a bird's nest. Your snake plant should do well there. Have a nice weekend.

Nicole said...

A post full of charming pics: trees, blooms, lizard, wind spinner,