Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vegetable garden, see you next season.

Today I took out the last of the vegetable plants, I also enlarge one of the beds and planted some bromeliads and succulents in the concrete blocks.  My plan is to let these vegetable beds rest until the next planting season in October.  I usually turn the soil over a couple times during the summer to avoid weeds from going wild. 


The week at the DragonFly garden.

We are harvesting mangos every day.  These mangos are sweet and have no fivers.

This mango tree is one of three trees in my back garden.  This little guy has been here only a year and this season we got the first and only mango.

This week we have new blooms from the Heliconia, Lantana, Thryallis and Ladies of the night plants.

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