Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mowing the lawn the old fashion way

Today I took out my push lawn mower and cut the grass.  My lawn gardener has been missing over three weeks, and he is not answering his phone. 
The grass was so tall, that I could not wait any longer.  There is no job that I despise more than mowing the lawn.  This hate goes back to my teenage years.  My first job in this country, was cutting other people's lawns, for three years, I cut grass in the hot summer months of Connecticut.


Susan said...

Do you have St. Augustine grass? If so, how did you ever get through it?

Meta Chalker said...

I don't think that you should hate the memory of your fist job in this country, as you put it. At least you had a job and was making some money and you probably met some nice people and probably not so nice too.
My son, as a teenager, did the same thing. Mowing the lawns for other people after he had delivered the newspaper on his route.
Today, he still mows his own lawn and won't let anyone mow it for him. He feels that no-one mows his lawn as well as he does himself. It is a large yard and he does not have a riding mower.
He takes pride in his work and loves the compliments he gets on the looks of the lawn.

I enjoy reading your blog......most of the time.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

My husband hated to mow too, as he had to mow his folks yard when he lived at home, plus he did it as a teen for $. I on the other hand, enjoy mowing. I recently bought a nice electric mower and it is a lot easier on me to start, plus it's quieter and no gas fumes. :-)

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

Kristina Cobb said...

Well, finally. Mowing grasses can be a pretty tough job, especially in times of scorching weather or dealing with wet grass. But you cannot really take your eyes off the grass and let it be, because not only will the longer grasses cut into the view, they will also pave the way for creatures festering in-between the blades. And it’ll be harder to take care of once it reaches a certain length, so it’s best to deal with it early than have more work to do later on.

Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn

Mike Mcmillen said...

Lawn mowing was my first job as well, and it taught me a bit about earning my own money. It is not exactly a fun job, but you do not want to find rodents or weeds hiding in the tall grass. At least now you can take a deep breath and know the grass has been cut to a reasonable level.

Mike Mcmillen @ Dependable Lawn Care LLC