Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paddling my way through Key Largo

Last week I had a birthday, and according to our family tradition, the birthday person gets to pick an activity for the day.  My birthday wish was kayaking in the Florida Keys.  We set up camp at John Pennekamp state park in Key Largo.  My daughters and I rented kayaks, while my wife stayed on the beach reading and keeping an eye on our camp.

The Florida Keys is made up of hundreds of small islands, a perfect location for kayaking.  The weather was cloudy and breeze, ideal for a day out on the water.  I was disappointed that there were not many birds on the mangroves, but this Florida in the middle of the summer.  Many of the birds have moved on to cooler climates.     

 This week at the DragonFly Garden

My birthday present was a Nikon D5300 camera; this camera comes equipped with Wi-Fi. Now I can take a picture with my Nikon, send it to my phone and share it with everyone on the spot. This camera is similar to my old D3100, except for a few new different features.

I spotted a couple of Knight Anoles in my palm tree today.  These lizards are not native of Florida, they come from the Caribbean and as non-native species they cause trouble for the native lizard population.  These guys are very territorial; I have noticed a decrease in my army of smaller Florida lizards, they will disturb bird’s nest and will eat fruits on the trees.  My neighbor’s mangos have been attacked by something; I would not be surprised if the Anoles are the culprit.

                                 And soon there will be more.

 (Personal Editorial: This country should pass a law prohibiting the importation of exotic animals to be kept as pets.  This is how these guys, the Burmese Python and many others got here)



Shad said...

Hi Rusty, Have fun with your kayaking skills. You are right that the birds have migrated but I am wondering if there is any alligator might be lurking out somewhere.
Just be extra careful though.
The shots taken are pretty good, probably I'll get to see more of exotic pets soon.

Susan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And your camera sounds super neat. Looks like you had a great birthday.