Saturday, August 01, 2015

Are they cactus or are they succulents?

Today I will give you a quick video tour of my collection of cactus and succulents. The rainy season is in full swing around here and this time of the year is not easy on these plants.  Every summer I loose many plants because of the rain, one way to minimize the damage, is by re-arranging and repotting some of plants and moving the rare ones inside the cover patio.   This year as you can see I am late, and because of my neglect I already lose a few plants.


Susan said...

That's quite an impressive collection, Rusty. I love the way you have them displayed. I don't suppose you have to worry about cold weather affecting them.

Micheline Arthebise said...

Hi Rusty: I love your garden, it reminds me of my father's garden in France. You have fantastic taste. Thank you for sharing the beauty. Michelle.

Micheline Arthebise said...

Is it OK to share your photo with my club, Sheltie lovers and rescuers for shelties and collies. Thank you.