Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hunting for butterflies

This week I photographed a green anole lizard in my firebush tree, hunting for Zebra butterflies.  The sneaky lizard blends well into the green plant.  The fire bush attracts many butterflies, especially longwind zebras and hundreds of bees. So I figured the ads were in his favorite, that a meal soon would come his way.

I noticed that he was not interested in the bees (He is no dummy, bees fight back), but tried several times to get a butterfly, they were too fast for the hungry lizard.  After several unsuccessful attempts, he noticed something hanging from a branch, and just as tasty.  If he could not get a butterfly, a caterpillar will do. (Probably a monarch)     

I get much satisfaction seating in my garden, seeing the circle of life happening in a place I created. It is a very small part, in the scheme things, but can you imagine how much better things would be, if we all took responsibility for the small piece planet earth around us.  I know, I’m getting excited about a lizard eating a caterpillar, but who knows maybe later that day that lizard became lunch for a woodpecker and on and on.  

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