Friday, July 03, 2015

Gardening from the land of weeds and mosquitoes

This time of the year I wish I was living north of the Mason Dixon line.  Gardening during these humid and hot summer months is not fun.  I don’t know if it is my age, global warming or what, but every new summer it gets harder for me.
There is something about having the winters off, while your garden is in deep sleep.  Don’t get me wrong gardening in South Florida during our winter months is heavenly, but then summer comes.  Summer means a garden on steroids, and it demands all my attention.  Taking a couple of weeks off is out of the question, not unless I want to return to jungle full of weeds. 

Excuse my complaining I know that this is becoming my yearly chronic rant, but this week’s heat was unusually high. I ‘m trying to keep my outdoor activities to an hour at sunset when the temperatures drops from the high nineties to the low nineties, but then I have to deal with the squadrons of mosquitoes coming out for their nightly feeding.    

This week at the DragonFly garden.

I got a new chair and table set for my meditation corner.  (To be use during the winter months)

This is the bird feeding area; I put a concrete floor under the bricks to keep the weeds out.



I hope all of you have happy and safe Independence Day. 
Sunday night let’s all root for the US woman’s soccer team, good luck on their third world cup championship game.


Susan said...

I feel your pain! Gardening is on an 'only when needed' basis for me in summer. Stay cool - only 76 more days until the humidity slowly starts to loosen its grip on us.

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