Saturday, July 18, 2015

This relationship is not working out, time to part ways

Relax, I'm not breaking up with anyone in particular, only with my yellow Cassia tree.  This week I had to make the difficult decision, and cut my Cassia tree.  I planted this young tree several years ago, and over the years it became my favorite flowering tree.  The bright yellow flowers were stunning, especially during the Christmas season.  
Like human relationships, the tree grew up and it became a pain in the neck. It grows aggressively during the summer, pushing my mango tree to the side.  The shallow roots were no match for our summer thunderstorms, I would have to right up the tree several times during the rainy season.    So this week after one of those storms passed thought town, I decided it was time to part ways.  I will miss you yellow tree, we had a good run.


Now I have more room for containers 

Flowers in the garden this week

My first harvest of limes from a plant I purchased at Home Depot last spring.  This lime tree is in a small container, so the harvest is never going to be plentiful.  


Susan said...

I love that tree and had one in my last garden. It does grow unruly and is a pain. Mine all of a sudden started to decline and died very quickly. I have no idea what happened to it but I was secretly glad it did.

Lynn McIntosh said...

It's such a beauty, but did look a bit big in that spot. The great thing is, your garden still looks lovely and lush without it! I'm loving your little lime tree - I'm going to try putting one in a pot and see how it goes.