Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Snowbirds are back

Every winter we get seasonal guest in the garden, last week I noticed a hummingbird around the fire bush tree.  These little guys spend the summer in the north and winter we us, they are shy and difficult to photograph.  All this week I been staking out the fire bush tree, trying to get a picture and today I got lucky.

Turkey Vultures are also winter visitors to the area, they usually are high up looking for dead animals, they roost together in the tall buildings downtown.  

This week at the DragonFly garden.

This week I started to pull out some of my overgrown summer flowerbeds.  In this corner of the garden the Lantana's were out of control, I replaced them with pollinator friendly flowers like, Mexican heather, white Pentas and Crossandra.  I also planted purple coneflowers seeds, I am not sure if they will do well in my 10b zone but they were a gift from a friend up north. 

I fished these orchids from a neighbor's garbage can, I have several of these orchids around the garden, they are good producers and easy to take care.

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Susan said...

Great shots of the hummers.

Lynn McIntosh said...

I love that you saved the orchids! Beautiful hummingbird shots too!