Sunday, April 24, 2016

Plant a tree and help the planet.

Earth Day was last week did you plant a tree?  Here are some of the reasons you should.  1 - Trees combat climate change.  2 – Trees clean the air.  3 – Trees provide oxygen. 4 – Trees cool the streets in the cities.  5 – Trees conserve energy in our homes.  6 – Trees help prevent soil erosion.  7 – Trees provide food.  8 – Trees mark the seasons.  9 – Trees increase property values.  10 – Trees provide canopy and habitat for wildlife.
I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I feel very strongly about the need to plant trees in our gardens specially those of us living in big cities.  I remembered 1992 when hurricane Andrew destroyed the tree canopy in Miami, I hope I never see that again.   So far my small plot of land has nineteen fruit, flowering and palm trees.  And I am not done yet.

A Tap, Powderpuff trees and a Date palm in the front of the house

Lychee and Longan trees

Two Mango and Orange Geiger trees

Avacado Tree

Plumeria tree and three palms

The lattes tree to the collection, a Caranbola or Star fruit tree.

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Susan said...

I totally agree with you about trees. I do wish more people would plant them. it pains me to see a treeless yard roasting in the sun. My neighbor has a carambola and she shared the fruit with me this year and it makes delicious fruit crisp and yummy preserves.