Saturday, April 16, 2016

Vegetable, herb, kitchen garden???

Several years ago, this section of the garden started out as winter vegetable garden.  The first couple of years were productive and the harvest was plentiful, back then this area got the right amount of winter sunlight.  These days, all the fruit trees I planted in the backyard, block most of the morning sunlight and the area in under shade most of the day.   Over the years, I have learned the hard way, what plants do well under these conditions.  I find that cherry tomatoes grow almost everywhere, lettuces also do well and most herbs too.  This year I planted kale for the first time and it did great, the only problem is that no one in my family likes kale in their salads.  I am trying to find a good receipt to cook it.
 This garden has evolved into a potpourri of bromeliads, cactuses, herbs and vegi plants.  I like what it has become, it fits my style.  Today I spent the day fencing the garden; it seems like our neighborhood cats like to do their private business here.  I know what you are thinking, “that little fence is going to stop any cat”??  Well I am hoping that they will move on somewhere else or I might need to get a new dog.

 A new location for the lemon tree.

I planted Arugula seeds here, I usually don’t plant seeds this late in the season, but I had some left and let's see what happens.

It has been a good year for cherry tomatoes.

 I am looking forward to eating plenty of bananas.

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