Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hundreds of bees

The bees returned to the Firebush, this morning I was standing next to the tree and I could hear the buzzing of hundreds of bees flying from flower to flower.   Our summer bees are our year around residents; during the winter we get many professional bee keepers bringing in many hives from up north to pollinate the winter vegetables.   By this time of the year they are all gone and we depend on our local bees to do the job.  For the last couple of months, I was concerned with the lack of bees in the garden, but today it looked like normal times.  

The Zebra and Julia butterflies are also plentiful and enjoying the Firebush.

FYI the Firebush is the perfect pollinator tree, popular with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  I noticed that our local highway department (MDX) is planting many of these trees in the medium and on the side of the road.  Kudos to MDX for bringing more color to our highways while helping our pollinators.

The container and the dog was a gift for father’s day.  Today I headed to my local nursery to find a plant, I found this pineapple lily or aloha lily.  This is the first time I see this plant around here and it had to come home with me.

I also got a Micro lens for my Nikon camera for my birthday (I had a busy week, birthday this week and father’s day tomorrow.   I am practicing my close-up photos. 



Charlotte said...

Thanks for the pics and info about Firebush. I'm off to google to see how tall it grows and if it's comparable for my area.
Happy Fathers Day!

Susan said...

Your close ups are looking good. Nice new container and the dog is adorable. I like the plant you picked out. Totally agree with you on the Firebush. Ours can get pretty big here to if we don't have a freeze, which we haven't in a few years. They are one of my favorites!