Monday, June 06, 2016

Summer replacement.

Every year as summer approaches, must of my annuals died of heat stroke.  Over the years I found that the best summer substitute for full sun areas are the moss rose and the purslane.  These colorful plants are also great ground cover; they bloom all summer long and don’t mind our harsh summer weather.  

I love Elephant Ears plants and the Black Magic Elephant Ears are my favorite.  I been looking for this plant for a while and last week I found one in my local Home Depot store.  

This Orange Geiger tree was a gift from my local government (their efforts to promote native trees).  I like the combination of the olive leaves and the orange flowers, it is one the most attractive flowering tree in my collection. The Geiger tree has two negatives; first it drops all the leaves in the fall creating a mess, and second the white golf ball size fruits drop during the summer.  The ripen fruits do not have a pleasant odor.  

Tomato Hornworms attacked my Angel’s Trumpet plant.  Last week this plant was full of flowers (see my last post) Sunday I discovered this terrorist eating away at my plant.  I did not know that Hornworms found Angels Trumpets appetizing.     


Susan said...

You are right about the moss rose and purslane. One of the few plants I would put in pots. Bromeliads, succulents and cactus are the others. Your Geiger tree is very pretty. I have never heard of a hornworm on an angel trumpet. Yikes, I hope I never find one on mind.

Misti said...

You have a gorgeous garden. I lived in Miami/FLL for six years and miss it (mostly...I could do without the traffic!).

Brugs are nightshades just like tomatoes, so hornworms (which turn into wonderful moths!) can chow down on them, too. :)