Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gardening on the wild side.

Today I was in the garden pulling weeds and I looked up to see the biggest possum I ever seen walking on my fence.  These animals are nocturnal, why this little guy was out in the morning? I don’t know maybe date light savings time is confusing him.
My urban garden gets its share of wildlife, from many different birds to possums, raccoons and garden snakes.  All these wildlife visitors makes me happy, after all that is one the reason I garden, all creatures are welcome, including passums.
This picture is from my cell phone 

This bird is Prairie Warbler, most days it can be found on the trees hunting for insects. Soon it will fly north to spend the summer in the Southern US.  

This week at the Dragonfly Garden.

Not much is happening at the DragonFly, the gardener has a bad case of laziness and very little spare time to spend in the garden.  All my big projects will have to wait for the humid mosquito infested summer
New blooms this week


Susan said...

Cute little possum. How funny to see him walking the fence line. Your orchid looks beautiful.

Jaime Haney said...

Hello from Indiana! I just found your blog and wanted to take a moment to comment. I've added you to my list of garden blogs I like to read. We had an early spring up here and I am enjoying many blooms and the promise of more to come. Stormy today, so I better go and work a bit outside before they hit.

I love your garden, and am envious of what all you're able to grow during the winter! I am also a lover of critters in my gardens - as long as they don't eat too much!

I have a blog, but it's not just about gardening. I'm an artist and blog about that and my everyday life. I do have lots and lots of gardening posts though. Maybe you'll stop by sometime to see. Http://

Happy Gardening!