Sunday, May 07, 2017

The summer pollinators are back

May has arrived with a bang; our summer feather friends have flown north looking for cooler weather.  Now is time for the summer pollinators to take over the garden.  The Firebush and the Blue Porterweed plants are buzzing with bees.  The butterflies are also back specially the Zebras and Julias.   

The Blue Jays have the garden back to themselves, they are the year around owners and control who gets to eat at the feeder.  During winter there is more activity with many snowbirds visiting the garden, the only birds that challenge the Jays for control are the Cardinals (sounds like a baseball game) but at the end there are more Jays that there are Cardinals.

The week at the DragonFly garden.
The bananas will soon be ready for harvesting.
 It is also time for the Gardenia flowers to spread their aroma all over the garden.
 All my Hibiscus plants are in containers, this year has been a record year with the amount flowers that I'm getting.  I love taking pictures of theses flowers, soon I will be adding more to my collection.

 I transplanted this Kings Mantle bush to a new location last summer, I didn't think the plant was going to make it, but here it is a year later full of flowers.
 Perfect timing for this picture of this Heliconia.


Susan said...

Hi Rusty,

Our feathered winter visitors have all left, too. In our neck of the woods we have more cardinals than jays. Both are beautiful birds. Your hibiscus collection is very pretty. I was wondering why you only grow them in containers? I think they are one of the prettiest flowers around. Enjoy your beautiful garden.

Rusty in Miami said...

Hi Susan
Is better to keep my hibiscus in containers because of my limited space. They tend to grow wild

New Port Richey Florist said...

I love how they help my flowers