Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time to fix the sprinkler system.

Ten years ago I had a sprinkler system installed in my back and front yard. This is BMGP (before my gardening passion) Back then, all I had was green grass and at certain time of the year it was not so green. Watering with city water was time consuming and very expensive. So I decided to get a top of the line sprinkler system with its own well, timer and hidden sprinkler heads.
Over the years as the garden evolved, and I made changes to the original plan. I been a man would make the changes myself, “how hard could it be”. Last week I came to the conclusion that the sprinklers were a mess, most of the heads did not work, I had leaks in several spots and some parts of the garden was not getting any water at all. I announced to my wife, I am taking a day off from work to fix the sprinklers. She looked at me with that look of there he goes again.
Then she said “ honey why don’t you call the guy who did the original job” After a few minutes of deliberation I decided that she was right, I have very little time these dates and the back is not as young as it used to be.
I had an old business card so I called him. The next day he was at the house at time he told me (a rare event in today world) the only problem was this guy was about 80 years old, he told me he was retired and did this on the side. He gave me a fair price but I had a big dilemma could I give a labor-intensive job to a man that could be my father. What to do? I decided to give the old guy a chance. I am always complaining that in today world if you are past 30 you don’t matter.
Two days later the job was done, the sprinklers worked like they supposed too, the only problem was the man made a mess of my garden. I know it’s impossible to dig up and install pipes without making a mess but he didn’t take any extra care like I told him too. I guess the old dude earned the right to be messy; we should all be that lucky to be 80 and be able to work.

The Bolivian Sunset (Gloxinia Sylvatica) before the sprinkler guy made a mess.


Gary said...

Don't feel too upset. A torn up garden is not as bad as your torn up back would be. And at least the job is done now. :)

Jeanette said...

HI Rusty
A good job to get fixed the garden will replenish and grow again. mine are mostly overhead spinklers in the fernery Afew in ground , my son put all new heads on them when he was here over Christmas holidays.