Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spring is in the air; the mango trees are in full bloom

After a harsh long winter, spring is in the air. The mango trees are in full bloom. OK, they are nothing like the cherry trees but this is Florida. But at least we get a nice sweet fruit in the summer. What do they get in Washington? A big mess after the trees are done with the flowers and no fruits.
The Mango is the apple of the tropics. There is so much you can do with a mango. From cooking it, eating it, to mixing it with alcohol (You have not live until you try a mango colada)
I don’t have a mango tree in my yard. I think I’ll plant one this year. The one in the picture is my back yard neighbor.

What is in bloom in my back yard?

Don’t know the name but it sure is beautiful


Brenda said...

That blue flower is so pretty. Our mangos are not blooming here yet, I think they start in Feb.or so; but they could be a different species to.

Ki said...

You are so fortunate to be able to grow mangos. I remember mangos flowering in Hawaii with the rather sweet sort of rotting smell. We grew several kinds, Hayden, Chinese, cigar, Pirie, apple and some unknown cross pollenated trees. The ones after Hayden are what the locals called the mangos they are Heinz 57 mongrel trees that still gave excellent fruit. Makes me nostalgic about just picking the mango off the tree and eating the luscious fruit.

Gary said...

When spring is in the air here in Houston, we have our ornamental pear trees with their white blossoms. Not spectacular, but nice anyway.

Brenda said...

Hi Rusty. The tradition here on El Dia de Reyes was also for the children to receive their gifts on that day; although now it seems that the majority of children receive them on Christmas Day. I think that in other parts of Mexico that tradition is still followed and it is possible that it is here also. I can't say for sure, the family that we are involved with do their gifting on Christmas Eve/Day. It seems as if some of the old traditions are being taken over by more americanised ones, another example I can think of is Dias de Los Muertos/Halloween I think that the older people are worried that the older traditions will be forgotten, personally I hope this doesn't happpen; but I can see it coming. It is too bad, change is not always a good thing.