Saturday, December 30, 2006

A week off and nothing to do

I been off work this week and I haven’t done much around the house, there are so many projects for the garden but they will have to wait for 2007.
Yesterday, I could not resist the urge, the weather was perfect low 70’s and sunny. I decided to take on my jungle corner and cut back the Angel’s Trumpet, the Plumbago and the White Bird of Paradise. Friday is garbage day in my neighborhood and as long as I can fit any cuttings in a garbage can, the sanitation man will take it. The work stops when the three garbage cans I have are full. I could take the cutting in my car to a designated drop off area in the city, but I have learned the hard way when you have a lease car it will get very costly at the end of the lease if you use your car to haul tree cuttings.
My father tells me that cutting back trees in the tropics should be done after the first full moon in February. Don’t know if this is a old wives-tales but he always been on target with his advised. This time I could not wait, I have a very busy month of January and February at work and the garden will not be see much of me.
Well that is it for 2006 and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy new year.

What is growing in the Garden?

I have several Tricolor Ti (Cordyline Fructicosa) in my back yard to add color during the winter, this plant is not known for its flower but I think they are very nice. The best thing about this plant is that any cutting will root.


Brenda said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Gary said...

I don't know about the full moon in February thing, but the concept makes sense because that's probably about the time when they would be closest to dormant.

I hope the New year is treating you well.