Monday, December 04, 2006

Good-bye to an old friend

Last week we said goodbye to our loyal friend and a constant companion our older dog Pepper. After 15 years in our family it was time for her to go to that place in the sky where all our pets go after enriching our lives with unconditional love and loyalty.
We got Pepper as puppy at a local animal shelter; she was our family’s first pet, she grew up with my kids, spending endless hours together in the back yard. She did all the puppy things, from eating my wife’s shoes to getting out of any room we tried to keep her in.
When the kids became teenagers and Pepper an adult, she preferred to hang out with my wife and I, taking long walks in our neighborhood and relaxing by our side.
Five years ago when we brought another puppy into our house and turned her world up side down she didn’t complain; she took on the role of older sister with grace, letting the new comer get most of the attention.
Pepper was the perfect dog, she got along with everyone, humans and dogs, she was a pleasure to have around and a blessing to our family and we will never forget her.


LostRoses said...

What a nice tribute to your dog Pepper. It's so hard to let go of our pets, isn't it? After all those years of love and loyalty we don't want them to suffer in the end. She looks like she was a sweetie!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Lovely memories of your Pepper. I lost a beloved golden retreiver to cancer after 9 yers and he grew up with the kids and was just like one of them. May they both be running and playing in God`s country now.


Jeanette said...

Lovely tribute to pepper
Loosing your pet is like loosing a family member. we lost a much loved pet a border collie she was 16years old the family cried buckets when we lost her

Brenda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I had a 14 yr. old german shepherd that I had to leave in Canada when we moved. She would not have done well moving to another country. I miss her every day; but at least still get updates on how she is doing at my daughter in laws home.

Gary said...

You were lucky to have had Pepper for so many years. I used to have a dog who looked very like yours. Thanks for reminding me.

Brenda said...

Where are you? I miss your posts.

rusty in miami said...

Thank you all for the nice comments

Naturegirl said...

A beautiful dog and a wonderful tribute to Pepper.I know she is sadly missed.
Have you read rainbow bridge because I found comfort in reading that poem when my beloved pets passed on.
I have them with me always in my ~*heart.*~ Pepper I am sure has her place in your heart ~*forever.*~

hugs to you and your family and Rosie

La Gringa said...

My condolences on your loss. I've lost three dogs here in Honduras and sometimes it seems more than I can bear. They do become like children to us.