Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Was Santa good to you this year?

Santa was very good to me this Christmas. I made it easy for my family this year, everyone has seen my re-new interest in gardening so all my gifts were gardening related.
I wanted a stone bench for my newest gardening spot and I got a beauty along with a birdbath. I can see my self seating there early in the morning with a cup of coffee before heading out to take on the South Florida world. I also got a couple of gardening books (now you will see my blog posting with a little more insight on my plants) and I also got gift certificates to Home Depot.
I am very satisfied with what I got, so if any of my family and friends are reading this blog thanks you did good this year. I am also very interested in any new electronic gadgets, (Specially an Ipod) is never to early to plan for next year or my birthday in June.


Carol said...

Lovely gifts, and how nice you get to put them right out into the garden in December! Round these parts, it is tough to even find benches and bird baths for sale at Christmas time. I got some nice books on gardening, and two new vases for all those flowers I expect to have in about six months!

Brenda said...

I love your bench, it looks great. Enjoy your morning coffee!

LostRoses said...

Nice Christmas presents, Rusty. Enjoy them in serenity!