Friday, December 15, 2006

Water rationing is coming to South Florida this winter.

The words water rationing sends shivers up a gardener spine, but it looks like that is where we are heading for this winter in South Florida. This past year we were lucky we had a short hurricanes season. That meant we had limited rainfall needed to keep lake Okeechobee (that is where we get our drinking water) water level high to get us thru the winter dry season.
Already the lake is about three inches below normal levels for this time of the year and we are barely into the dry season, so we’ll have water restrictions by next month.
At first the water management people will ask in a nice way for voluntary measures like “don’t wash your car, don’t water your lawn during the day, conserve water at home” things we all should do year around regardless of the availability of water.
But people been people especially in big cities conservation is not on their mind.
They expect water to come out of the faucet and they don’t care where it comes from.
We have been thru restrictions before, so when the voluntary nice guy approach doesn’t work then the water police come out with their citation, and that gets everyone’s attention.
As for my garden, I have a sprinkler system connected to a well. Conservation is always on my mind so I have the sprinkler set to run between 4 and 5 am that way the heat of the day won’t evaporate most of the water before it hits the ground. During the hot summer months is set to run every other day and in the winter only when is needed.
As the population increases on our planet earth, I hope our fellow citizens realize that water is a precious commodity that should not be taken for granted and conservation should be practice year around.

What is growing in my Garden

This is a Fox Tail plant or “Rabo de Mono” (monkey’s tail in Spanish) a very colorful and a very aggressive growing plant.


LostRoses said...

Rusty, water conservation is difficult for those not used to it, isn't it? And I have to admit that Florida seems the last place where water would be rationed!

We have water police here all summer every year so most everyone has learned to toe the line. There isn't anything more precious in a semi-arid climate than water!

Your Fox tail is most unusual-looking and very interesting!

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty
Weve been on water restictions a couple of years and in drought. U can only use a hose if its got a trigger attachment no watering of lawns and automatic sprnklers between Midnight and 5 am every 2nd day. I havent see a Fox tail before very interesting looking plant.

Brenda said...

People definately need to be more conscious of their water consumption; it is too bad that you need the "water police".
Is your "Foxtail", the same as "Amaranthus--Love lies bleeding" it kind of looks alike. I grew that in Canada and won a ribbon with it at our fall fair. It is an unusual looking plant and an eye catcher.

Gary said...

I am addicted to gardening with water. If we ever have permanent rationing, I thing I will move somewhere that doesn't have it.

Gary said...
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Naturegirl said...

So happy to hear that you attempt to conserve water...some people just don't get it! That Fox tail plant is so interesting!
Have a ~*Merry Christmas Florida!*~
I"m heading that way in Feb!

Misti said...

With these three days of rain, hopefully this won't have to happen. Canal levels are up in Broward.