Friday, February 16, 2007

Can you grow Daffodils in Florida?

I got this beautiful Daffodil plant for Valentines Day. I always been fascinated by this flower specially when I travel up north, but gardening in Zone 10b I figured is impossible to grow these beauties down here. To my surprise there is a Florida Daffodil Society and they have members growing Daffodils as far south as Orlando. So my question is if the plant can stand the Orlando summer heat they should be able to stand the Miami heat also, there is not much of a difference.
I took the day off from work today and got my hand dirty in the Garden. It has been a few days since I been out there, the weather was in the 50’s today (cold for us) but if turn out to be a very pleasant day.
After reading so many blogs this fall from Northern gardeners about planting bulbs for next spring I decided to dig up all the Day Lilies bulbs I have spread all over my back garden and planted them in a central location. It should look nice this summer, stay tune for pictures.
I also replanted Hollyhocks that I am growing from seeds, I collected on recent trip to Vermont this past fall. I have no idea the color the flowers, because the plants were dead by the time I got the seeds from some one’s garden.
Tomorrow we are expecting the coldest day of the year the temperature is suppose to go down in the low 40’s. That is very cold for us, I feel badly for all the tourists in town for the long weekend looking for the Florida sun.
Happy Presidents Day Everyone (For those of you overseas Monday is a Holiday in the US celebrating all past presidents)


Jeanette said...

Gday Rusty.I love your daffodils I think they grow well here and we get very hot summers yesterday 40c=1o4f today the temp got to 36c=96f..

millionbells said...

The problem with daffodils is not the heat. The problem is the cold. They need a period of cold in order to bloom. So, essentially, you have to dig them up, store them in a refridgerator for a period of time, then replant.

Brenda said...

When I wanted to force the bulbs to bloom in the house I would put them in the refrigerator for about 6 weeks. You may need to do this with yours. The beauty of the blooms are worth the hassle. I love them; but cannot find any down here and would have the same problem.

Ragster said...

I refrigerated mine for 6 wks. and planted per instructions in late Dec. Haven't seen the first bit of green emerge yet and it's end of Feb. Did I get a bad batch? I
bought them from Walmart.