Saturday, February 24, 2007

The best Rose to grow in Florida

First day

Over the years I have tried to grow Roses in my garden with very bad results. The combination of bad sandy soil, heat, humidity, too much rain and bugs galore does not give good results, I always end up with dead or sick plants and no roses.
I have one rose bush given to me by my father many years ago. This plant is perfect for Florida, it gives beautiful roses, it has no thorns, it never gets any of those common rose diseases like black spots and it takes very little care. I don’t know the name of this rose, it opens the first day in an off white yellowish color, by the second and third day it turns pinkish and by the forth day is all pick reddish color. The only problem with this rose is that is not very good for cutting.
Roses are my wife favorite flower and they remind me of my grandmother's garden in Cuba and the good times I had in that garden as a child. So I will continue to try to grow more roses, I wish I could find more like this one.

Second and third day

Forth day


Brenda said...

A little tip about the bugs on roses. If you plant garlic or something belonging to the garlic family, ie: alliums,etc. around your roses the bugs seem not to like it and stay away. Or most of them do. There is a good book called "Roses Love Garlic" about companion planting for pests. I am sorry I can't remember the publisher and my books had to stay in Canada, so I can't look it up. Maybe you can google it.

Gary said...

I think roses may have even a harder time here in Houston. Not only do we have scortching heat and high humidity, but the clay soil is murder on roses. They pretty much have to be grown in raised beds.

Lori said...

I'm pretty sure that your lovely mystery rose is "Mrs. Dudley Cross." I wish I had room to try it myself!