Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not Gardening Weather

No Gardening this weekend for the last four days a weather front has parked it self in South Florida and we had four days of constant rain and high wind and cooler temperature. I know, I should not complain compare with what some of you are going thru this is a piece a cake, but the reason we live in Florida is so we can enjoy the mild winters with no rain. We get plenty of that in the summer.
Tomorrow I am heading to New York City on a business trip, why my employer picks the middle of February to have a sales meeting in New York is beyond me. The good news is I will be back to Miami on Saturday and hopefully good weather to get in the garden and do some work. (After a sales meeting I am going to need all the time in the garden to get back my sanity)
What is in bloom in the Garden?

THRYALLIS, I have three of this shrubs planted in the front of my house, the flowers are a showy yellow in clusters at the tip of the branch, it flowers all year around but the best results come in the summer. Is a very aggressive shrub but once a year around this time it should be trim hard. I planted my to close the house, that is going to be problem when I’ll have the house painted the winter.


Gary said...

I saw all that bad weather on TV last Sunday. It didn't seem to stop raining even for a minute.

When you are in NYC, be sure to button up your overcoat. :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty were wishing for rain over here. looked like we were going to get a drop of rain earlier today but Alas rolling thunder dark clouds but you guessed it no rain.