Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The DragonFly Garden Blog is one year old

This month my blog is one year old. When I started blogging a year ago, I did it to get back at my wife. Let me explain, my wife is a political blog junkie, she spends hours reading blogs about politics (boring I know) I was feeling a little left out, so when I complained and she told me “why don’t you read blogs on a topic that interest you”, and a year later here I am.
Before I started my blog, gardening was a hobby I did on weekends, and it was something I could share with my 94-year-old father. Ever since I joint the blogsphere gardening has become a passion.
My garden is a big part of my life, I spend a few minutes every morning before going to work walking and meditating among the flowers with a cup of coffee (what could be better than that) setting the tone for the rest of the day. At night I can’t wait to get home to my little paradise to spend a hour or two getting my hands dirty with my plants, weekends revolve around the garden, and during my lunch hour at work, I close my office door and while I am having lunch and read all my friends blogs and any topic I can find on gardening.
I know it’s a little obsessive, but that’s what makes life interesting. If I could only find a way to make this obsession a full time job with health insurance, I would be a happy man.

Flowers from my garden this week
White Angel’s Trumpets, this plant does not bloom as often as the pink variety
This is only the second time this year.

Pink Angel’s Trumpets, this plant blooms almost every month during the summer. The aroma at night is intoxicating.

The Pink and Purple Ruellia’s (Also know as Mexican Bluebell) you can always count on flowers from this shrub especially in the early morning.

Asters were a welcome back home gift from a freind


LostRoses said...

I,for one, am certainly glad you had to "get back at your wife" by starting your garden blog. Happy Blogiversary! I love the way you described your gardening obsesssion, and what a peaceful obsession as compared to getting riled up reading political blogs!

You have such a beautiful garden and it really shows the fruits of your labor!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Happy blogiversary Rusty! One year of blogging on gardening, well done!

I hope your dad is well.

Like you I enjoy gardening a lot and blogging about it is also great fun.

Political blogs are a snorefest IMO but to each his/her own. ;-)

It's nice to see the lovely blooms in your garden and that you have asters too made me smile.

Jeanette said...

Happy Blogaversary Rusty.
Gees Ive missed a lot here in my absence, (computer crashed)
Im pleased you got into gardening so we can see your beautiful garden.
Be back to see more..

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary. I enjoy your blog and photos and am glad that you decided to "get back at your wife". Hope you continue for many more years.

Vanillalotus said...

I'm glad that gardening has become more than a hobby. And obsessive passions are what make life worth living. That make you see things in a different light. Happy blogiversary keep the years coming.

Meems said...

i can completely relate to the feelings you have about gardening. and blogging makes it so much fun to talk about too. happy 1 year!

i laughed when i read what you wrote:
"If I could only find a way to make this obsession a full time job with health insurance, I would be a happy man."

I say the exact same thing all the time - only i would be a happy girl(hubby wishes i would make some money at it too) :-)

Meems said...

P.S. the pink angel trumpet are lovely. my neighbor (helen) is always trying to give me cuttings from hers... i really should give them a try.

Carol said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging. You certainly had a unique reason for joining in with all of us gardeners, but we are glad you did.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Gina said...

happy 1 year! i just discovered your blog today and I'm enjoying reading your older posts.

Connie said...

Hi - Stopping by from Garden Voices.
Happy one year anniversary! I am fairly new to blogging, too, having started last spring.
Your Angel Trumpets are gorgeous!

kate said...


What fun to visit your blog and be able to wish you a happy first anniversary! I love your Angel Trumpets and the Ruellia - they look so exotic as my garden has gone to sleep for the winter (all except for the Asters that continue to bloom and bloom despite the frost)!

Bare Bones Gardener said...

Congrats mate, Don't advertise too widely if you do find a way of making a lving out of it cause there's lots of us who will be up for it too.

Anonymous said...

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