Sunday, October 28, 2007

The winter tomatoes are in the ground

This weekend the weather was perfect for outdoor activities in South Florida, the temperature was in the mid 70’s and we had beautiful sunny days. A perfect time to work on my tomato bed, and herb garden.

I purchased three types of tomato plants, sherry, grape and a hybrid call “Better Boy”. I also got a couple of eggplants. This is the first time I try the eggplants will see how they do. I also added Parsley, Oregano, Dill and Italian Basel to my herbs

I had been working on the tomato bed for a couple of weeks adding cow manure, peat moss and organic compost. Every year I have to add to the soil if I want good results from the garden. Our soil here is very sandy and unfortunate the area where I live has about 2 feet of crush rocks on top of the sand, added by the developers to avoid flooding.
Last year weeding the tomatoes kept me busy all winter long; this year I am trying something different. My neighbors told me that putting a newspaper under the mulch would do the trick; I’ll let you know if it works.
This winter I am planning to sow more seeds in my garden, I purchased the mixture with the cardboard boxes that are supposed to be bio-degradable, I am trying both ways, the old way planting seeds on the ground and this fancy mixture. Will see what works better.

I also decided to repot all my orchids; I am told by an orchids expert (and I am not one of them) that this should be done every year to keep the orchid plant healthy and blooming year after year


Meems said...

this weekend was a good time to be in the yard because it was cooler... we didn't have much sun here in central florida.

all the years i have been gardening and never have planted veggies. it is something i'd like to try but haven't gotten around to it yet. i do have some herbs but that is the extent of it.

hope your tomatoes do well.will be watching for the progression of them as the winter goes along.

LostRoses said...

Winter tomatoes, huh? We have those too, but we buy them in the grocery store! Do you ever get tired of gardening all year? Though it sounds like you have some nifty projects for every season. Your veggie and herb bed looks great! I'll be curious to know how the seed experiment works out.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oh Rusty how I envy you for being able to plant your own tomatoes this time of year. Good luck with the eggplants I tried them last year and they were a success.

Putting newpaper or carton underneath the mulche really helps with stopping the weeds from growing. I tried this method in my greenhouse and it worked a treat!

Thanks for the tip on repotting the orchids yearly, I'm no expert either. ;-)

LindaD said...

Your plants look so healthy! Have you planted tomatoes in the ground before? I still have tomatoes in pots.. afraid to put into the ground because of possible nematodes. Am I being too cautious?
Linda.. central Florida