Saturday, November 22, 2008

Color for my winter garden

Today I purchased impatiens, pentas, and Mexican heathers to add more color in my back garden.

The pentas in this bed lasted more than three years. Ii is time for a change.

Impatiens will do well in this bed; they’ll get morning sun and shade the rest of the day.

Mother, my basset hound, wants impatiens in her bench.

In my bee and butterfly corner, I cut back the blue porter plant and added more pentas and Mexican heathers. I want to have plenty of flowers all winter long to keep the bees busy. We get much more bees in the winter months because of the number of hives that are brought down to help the farmers with their winter crop.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful winter colours and bees as are very lucky Rusty. Enjoy your bees and flowers......

Darla said...

Excellent choices, love your gardens.