Thursday, January 29, 2009

Breakfast time at the DragonFly

I have two birdfeeders at different ends of the garden, for some reason one is more popular than the other.

As you can see we have a large colony of doves, Mourning doves, Ringed Turtle doves and Collared doves. They all kind of look the same, but there are differences. The Ringed Turtle doves is the larger of the three, and also the most aggresive in the garden (until the Blue Jays show up)

No crowds at this feeder.

A Mourning dove and Grackle sharing seeds and chilling together. Grackles are nasty birds when they show in large numbers they are noisy, they attack the other birds and can go through a full birdfeeder in five minutes (most of the seeds end up on the floor)


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Beautiful pictures.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Having breakfast in your garden is very popular I see. ;-) Those little doves are very pretty. Here we have something that looks very much like the mourning doves that you have.

jodi said...

What does your Garden Companion think of all the breakfast-visitors, Rusty? Out cats would be talking non-stop out the windows at them, but maybe your faithful friend keeps her cool. Lovely photos; we are fond of mourning doves and yet we can't stand pigeons, which I think are closely related.

Dirt Princess said...

Ok...I need your help. I just posted a blog about the lack of birds at my feeder...I need some help!