Sunday, January 11, 2009

A trip to the U-pick fields

One of my favorite winter activities in South Florida is visiting the U-pick strawberry and vegetable fields, and the best place for picking is Knaus Berry Farm near Homestead FL
This farm is also the favorite of many South Floridians, not only because of the farm freshly grown vegetables and strawberries, but also because they have a bakery on cite, where everything is baked fresh including the best cinnamon buns in Miami.

While my wife gets on line for the bakery, my daughter and I head to the strawberry fields in the back. The farm has all kinds of winter vegetables, what they don’t grow on the farm they get from ohter local farmers.

This year the strawberries are sweeter then ever, the cooler weather we had in October and November has something to do with it.
Five dollars for these freshly picked strawberries, not bad!!!!


Jeanette said...

gday Rusty, Im back and just popping into say "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

OHHHH fresh Stawberries and cream yummy .

jodi said...

I bet Florida strawberries taste a lot better picked fresh in Florida than they do trucked here to Nova Scotia and sold probably 2-3 weeks after picking. I don't buy them anymore because I'd sooner have the joys of picking them fresh, like you are doing. Nothing tastes more wonderful than freshly picked food, does it?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your own hand picked fresh strawberries, what could be nicer than that? Thanks for that breath of sunshine and summer Rusty, here we are in the depths of winter.