Saturday, June 27, 2009

National Pollinator Week

Cassius Blue butterfly on a blue daze flower

Did you all know that all this week has been National Pollinator Week?
The reason for a national week designated to pollinators is to bring attention to the general public, on the risks and dangers facing the population of many pollinators.
Did you know that 80% of the world’s crops require pollination? Without pollinators life as we know it, will drastically change. They are the new canneries in the coalmine, and we better pay attention to their health.
We gardeners have a responsibility to make sure that in our little corner of the world, our gardens are pollinator friendly. Practicing natural gardening (no pesticide) is a must; we need to plant more native plants in our gardens, more flowers to attract bees, butterflies, and also host plants for the caterpillars. For more information on pollinators check this web site.

This morning I worked in my front garden, pulling weeds, moving plants and other pleasant garden duties. In this corner I have blue daze and pentas both butterfly and bee friendly.

I also have many lantanas of different colors planted in the front garden, latanas are a favorite of many pollinators. The heavy rains in the last couple of weeks have done a number on the flowers, latanas prefer drought conditions.


Darla said...

I saw 4 different types of butterflies yesterday and about 100 bees so I think I am helping with
the pollination for sure. I love to watch them at work.

ChrisC said...

I have hundreds of monarch caterpillars on my parsley plants.Insert clapping smiley here.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty.......Great post. I love the insects in my garden and have added even more beds and planted them with bee and butterfly plants....

Can you imagine Rusty if all gardeners stopped using sprays etc and planted for pollinators...what a huge difference it would make worldwide......

Susan said...

I take my job of providing flowers for the pollinators seriously, too. As a matter of fact, I think I'll run out to the store and buy a few more flowering plants in celebration of National Pollinator Week. :-)