Monday, March 15, 2010

GBBD for February 15

Color is coming back to the DragonFly, the garden is waking up after several weeks of continuous freezing weather.

This week the Mexican flame vine is in full bloom.

The roses are beginning their winter blooms, this year I’m putting some of my rose bushes in pots and keeping them out of the sunny spots. I am hoping to keep them blooming during the hot summer months.

Petunias are my favorite winter color; these plants take our cold weather with no problem, even the low temperatures this year. I have several pots and hanging baskets around the garden, they give the garden a happy look.

Finally the lobelia, this basket was a gift from friend. The flowers are small, the color is stunning, and the bees love them.


Darla said...

Color sure is returning to Dragonfly...such beauty is surrounding you now...the lobelia, does it take the heat...mine did wonderfully through the winter, these last two weeks in the 70's not so good..

Sheila said...

Wow, lots of blooms! Off to a good start!

Ami said...

Very beautiful blooms! The Mexican flame is stunning! Your roses seem very happy in this winter climate. I also found the same thing with my roses. When I planted my first two rose bushes, I planted in a location with full sun as every book told me to do :) After I saw the flower scorched quickly after opening just one day, I realized the south florida sun is just too much! So now I planted the rest of my 6 roses in a corner that will get some afternoon shade. I will see how they react this summer.

Evelyn Howard said...

So beautiful and colourful. The Mexican flame is stunning.

Susan said...

That flame vine is --- outstanding! It's a good thing I'm not driving by your house...I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of it, and surely I would wreck the car. Good luck on keeping the rose blooms going during the summer. The only roses I've been successful with during the hottest part of summer is the knock-outs. The rest take a break but come back strong in the fall.